Was developed by our founder, Stine Amina Toft, who since 2001 has worked as a headhunter for companies such as Microsoft, Trustpilot, DSB, NNIT and others.

With the goal of digitizing recruitment processes for companies, Recruitio is a simple and user-friendly recruitment system that everyone can use to succeed in their recruitments. Whether it is professional recruiters, who recruit a high volume per year, or it is smaller companies, who seldom hire new colleagues.

In Recruitio, you have all your candidates, data and recruitments gathered in the same place while being GDPR compliant. We provide an easy and straightforward application process for candidates, so any relevant candidates don’t get lost along the way.

We believe that all candidates should have equal opportunities in their search for the dream job. Therefore, Recruitio enables you to recruit unbiased, by anonymizing candidates. While giving all candidates a fair chance, you avoid any human unconscious biases to become a hindrance in the recruitment process.


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