Why you should use Recruitio

If a recruitment is to be successful, it is crucial that those who are recruiting are not overwhelmed with administration. They must focus on what is really important, that is, to find the most talented employees for the company.

Using Recruitio your company gets a user-friendly and fully GDPR-compliant recruitment system that allows you to hire the most talented candidates, without unconscious biases getting in the way.

But that’s not all. In fact, Recruitio’s system is not only beneficial for you but your candidates as well. They will be using a professional and intuitive recruitment system that makes their application process easy as a breeze.

If you are not fully convinced yet, here are 6 reasons why you should use Recruitio:

  1. You get a fully GDPR-compliant recruitment process.
  2. It is an intuitive system that everyone can use – both experienced recruiters and those who do not hire so often.
  3. You get a candidate database where relevant candidates can be saved for future positions.
  4. You can choose to anonymize candidates and thus ensure an unbiased recruitment process.
  5. You get a structured and data-driven recruitment process, so you don’t have to hire on gut feeling alone.
  6. You get digital screening and evaluation tools to support your recruitment process.

Optimize your time

Save time and money by digitizing your recruitments.

Online recruitment process

Start your online recruitment process in less than ten minutes.

Better structure in your recruitments

Recruitio provides you with insights on how the candidates match your job description.

Hire the best candidates without unconscious bias

Use well-documented processes that are built around the latest research, so you can give all candidates a fair chance without unconscious bias.

Screen your candidates online before meeting with them

Use video, screening questions, cases etc. to select the most qualified candidates before meeting them in person.

Fast implementing

Because Recruitio is located in the cloud, implementing only takes a few hours, and naturally you have access from all your devices.

Never worry about their references

Collect references online and avoid spending unnecessary time coordinating with references, while also providing them the opportunity to submit their feedback at their convenience.

Get documentation and data in one place

All data, interview notes and documents etc. are all saved in one fully GDPR-compliant place.


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