Use screening questions in talent pool

You can add screening questions to your talent pool and filter by the candidates’ answers so you easily can
find the candidates you are looking for.

Step 1. Start by clicking on COMPANY

NOTE. Only account owners who have the rights to make changes in your company settings.


Step 3. From here, add your screening questions to the talent pool
Drag and drop the type of question you need from left to right and write your screening question.

Step 4. Choose whether the question should be activated and whether it should be mandatory
Once you have selected “Activate talent pool question”, candidates will get the question when applying
to your talent pool, or when they allow to be kept in your talent pool when applying for one of your positions.

Ie. If a candidate applies for a specific job, and at the same time allows to be kept in your talent pool,
the candidate will also answer the screening questions for the talent pool.

NOTE. If you do not have the user level “account owner“, or there are several account owners in your company,
it is important that you agree on which screening questions you want in the talent pool, as all candidates who want
to become part of your talent pool will meet these questions.

Step 5. Filter for the candidates’ answers in your talent pool
Start by going to your talent pool and click on the Filter-icon on the far right.
Now select the answers you want to filter by:

Step 6. All candidates, who have answered what you are sorting by, will now be displayed 😊