Edit recruitment proces

You can edit the recruitment process exactly how you want.

We recommend that you customize the process before publishing the job ad, as the process cannot be changed after the first candidate has applied for the job.

Step 1.
Select the recruitment you want to edit.

Step 2.
Click “Edit recruitment process”

Step 3.
Here, the recruitment process can be changed to suit your needs.

  • The phases of the recruitment process can be moved by dragging them around the line.
  • Delete phases you do not use by pressing the small cross over the phase.
  • Rename a phase by tapping the name.
  • Change the color of a phase by pressing the phase and choosing a new color.

Step 4.
Recruitio saves automatically. When you are satisfied with your edits, simply press “back to overview”.
Your new process can be seen on the candidate overview.

If you want to further edit your recruitment process, you can follow the guide to extended editing of the recruitment process here.