Extended editing of the recruitment process

Once you have selected the order and named the phases of a recruitment, you can tailor the entire process exactly as you wish.

We recommend that you follow the basic guide before starting the extended one. Guide to basic editing can be found here.

Step 1.
To add a new phase to your recruitment, press “add”.

Step 2.
Name your new phase and give it a colour.
Red for rejection
Yellow for screening
Green for conversations
Purple for contract offered
Blue for hired

Step 3.
In a phase, you will find the statuses a candidate may have in the recruitment process.

Step 4.
When you add a new phase, you insert statuses into that new phase. To do this, press “add new status”.

Step 5.
When you on the candidate overview choose the new status, the candidate will be added to your new custom phase.

Step 6.
In a phase, you can edit the statuses in it.

  • You can add new statuses by pressing “add new status”.
  • You can move a status to another phase by tapping the two arrows next to the status.
  • You can delete statuses that you do not use by pressing the delete symbol.

Step 7.
Recruitio saves automatically, so when you are satisfied with your recruitment process, simply press “back to overview”.
Your new process can be seen on the candidate overview.