Collect references on candidates

When you are ready to collect references, you can do so by sending them from your email templates.
You can choose how many references you want, and what the deadline for the referencepersons are.

Step 1. From your dashboard, click ALL on the recruitment you want to collect references for

Step 2. Select the candidate(s) you want to collect references for and click on the email icon

Step 3. Select the mail template REFERENCES
Choose here how many references you want and when the deadline should be for the referenceperson(s).

Step 4. The candidate will now receive an email
Voila. You don’t have to do more.
The candidate will now receive an email with a link to fill in information on the reference person(s):

As soon as the candidate has filled in the contact information, the reference person(s) will receive a form with
relevant questions about the candidate.

Step 5. The reference person(s) will now receive a form with:

  • Relevant information about the reference person’s professional relationship with the candidate
  • An evaluation of the 6 personal qualifications associated with the recruitment for your 360 degree mini assessment
  • And the following questions:
    • What is/was []’s reason for leaving the company/organisation?
    • How was []’s relation with his/hers superiors?
    • What good advice would you give to []?
    • Other professional observations concerning [] that you would like to share with us?
    • If provided the opportunity, would you work with [] again?

Do you want to add more questions to the reference form? Click here.
Click here to read how to use personal qualifications.

Step 6. You will receive an email with the reference(s)
As soon as the reference person(s) has filled in the form, you will receive an email with their answer.
You can always access the reference by clicking on the reference itself on the candidate’s evaluation overview: