Non bias recruitment

It is easy to carry out non bias recruitments in Recruitio. We recommend that you first become familiar with the system
and carry out a few recruitments before this function is taken into use.

Non bias recruitments support you in getting the greatest possible diversity in your candidate field, and are ensuring that
unconscious biases do not affect who you invite to an interview.

This specifically means that the candidates’ personal information such as name, nationality, address, age, gender and photos
do not become visible to you before inviting your candidates for an interview.

Online presentation of non bias recruitment
If it is of interest, we would very much like to invite you to an online sparring and review of how you use and get value
of non bias recruitment step-by-step in the process. Write to if you are interested.

Guide to use non bias recruitments in Recruitio
When you want to use our non bias function in your recruitment, you actually do as you usually do when setting up a recruitment.
It is only a function in the Search Requirements that you need to turn on.

See how it is done here:

Step 1. Go to the recruitment you want to do “non bias” and select JOB INFORMATION

Step 2. Here you click YES under the NON BIAS field

Step 3. Now your recruitment is automatically set as NON BIAS
When the candidates roll in, your dashboard will look like it usually does, but the candidates will be assigned an ID number,
and you will not be able to see the candidates’ pictures or name, as shown in the example here:

Seen through the eyes of your candidates…
We recommend that there is a short description in the job ad, where you explain why you have chosen to ‘blind’ the candidates’
personal information in the first part of the recruitment process.

When a candidate applies for your position, they are informed several times about what to do and why they should do as do.
They are informed that their documents must not contain pictures and other personal information such as name, nationality,
address, age and gender.

If it happens that a candidate has included personal information in either CV, application or other documents,
we have created an email template called “New application Nonbias” which invites the candidate to apply again.
You simply send this email to the candidate and delete the other application afterwards.

Do you want sparring or a presentation of how to use and gain value from non bias recruitment?
Write to and we will set up a meeting together 😊