Create your first job ad

Step 1. From the menuline, click on RECRUITMENTS, and select the recruitment, you want to create a jobadd for.

Step 2. Click on JOB AD, and press EDIT JOB AD

Step 3. Add the job’s address, website and job ad picture 
Insert a nice picture for your job ad to make it as attractive as possible.

Step 4. Add logo and start/end date
Add an image of your logo so it appears on the job ad.

START and END DATES are the dates the job appears on your career page.
We recommend setting a END DATE when you have hired the right candidate.

Step 5. Add icons to the job ad
Use icons to present the job and your business in an attractive way.
We recommend choosing a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 icons.

Step 6. Upload a video, link or document to the job ad
If you have a video presentation, link or document to add, you can add it here.

Step 7. Show future colleagues on the job ad
It is always nice for the candidates to see who the future colleagues will be, and a study from Stepstone and IT Jobbank
shows that candidates weight great colleagues the most when looking for a new job 😊

If you click on “Save at job portal” when adding colleagues, they will be remembered so you can put them on your
upcoming job ads as well.
The contact person for this position should be marked as a “Recruiter”. Then he/she will be shown as the contact person
on the right side of the job advertisement.

Step 8. Preview of job ad
By clicking on Preview you can see how your candidates get the job ad presented.
It is always a good idea to use it before going “online” with the ad.

You can get a preview in both Danish and English.

Step 9. Write a great text for the job ad
Here you write a super attractive text for the job ad.
You can also mark whether it should be mandatory to upload a CV and application, or if the option should be removed.

Great! Now you are ready to recieve your first applications 🌟