Add candidates in Recruitio

If you have found a candidate you want to create manually (remember to comply with GDPR) you can easily do this in Recruitio.

Step 1. On your candidate overview, click on the “New candidate” icon

Step 2. Enter the candidate’s information

If you want to encourage the candidate to apply for the job, press “SUBMIT AND SEND EMAIL”
Your candidate will receive the following email. You can always change and customize the email.

The link generated in the email is specific to this candidate and should not be reused for others!

If you have a specific candidate that you want to reach out to via LinkedIn or other networks, you can edit the text
for the candidate and then press SEND, so that the candidate can register themselves, while the candidate receives
the job ad and approves to be kept in your talent pool in accordance with GDPR.

If you want to add the candidate without encouraging him/her to apply, simply click on:

Your candidate is now added 😊