Create screening questions to your candidates

If you have specific questions to your candidates, you can ask them to answer your screening questions
when they submit their application, but you can also send the screening questions afterwards by e-mail.

Step 1. Click on the recruitment you want to add your screening questions to
In the menu, you have to select Screening Questions.

Step 2. Select screening questions
Drag and drop the “type” of question to the right that you want to use.
Write your question.

Step 3. Save as a template
It is possible to save the questions as a TEMPLATE if you often use the same questions for other positions.

Step 4. Choose where/when the candidates should answer the screening questions

If candidates need to answer the screening questions when submitting their application, you should mark: Application.

You can also mark mandatory if it should be mandatory to answer the questions.


The question(s) are now automatically generated in the application process and you don't have to do more.


You will be able to see the candidates answers under their profile when they have applied.

If you want to send the screening questions to the candidates AFTER they have applied, you should mark: Online question candidate.


You can also mark mandatory if it should be mandatory to answer the question.


Now you are ready to send the question(s) to candidates

  • To send the screening questions to the candidates, go back to your candidate overview.
  • Mark the candidates to whom you want to send questions.
  • Click on the mail icon at the top right and select the mail template: Online Screening Questions.
  • When you are ready to send the email, click Send Email.
  • When candidates receive the email, it contains a link where they can write their answer to the question(s). You will receive an email when the candidates have responded.