Send cases to candidates

If you want to send a case / assignment to your candidates as part of the recruitment process,
the first step in the process is to upload a case on your recruitment.

Step 1. Click on the recruitment you want to attach your case to

Step 2. In the menu, select Case:

Step 3. Upload your case
You can upload your case and write a text that presents the case for your candidates.
Your case and text are saved automatically.

Step 4. Go to your candidate overview
Go into your candidate overview at the same recruitment, and mark the candidates who should as
receive the case, and click on the email-icon.

Step 5. Select the mail template Case
Select the mail template Case:

The uploaded case is automatically attached to the email the candidates receive.
Candidates can then upload their case answer directly to Recruitio.

Step 6. Send Case to candidates
When you are ready to send the case, click on SEND E-MAIL 😊
You will receive an email when the candidates have submitted their answer.