Send candidate presentation

You can export the candidate’s data to a professional candidate presentation 😊
You can choose to export one or more candidates. Data about the candidate and the position are gathered
in one file with a front page, a table of contents and subsequently the candidate’s documents and evaluations.
You can choose which data you want to export.

Step 1. From your dashboard, click ALL on the recruitment you want to export candidates from

Step 2. Mark the candidate(s) you want to export and select EXPORT

Step 3. Mark here which documents you want in the candidate presentation
You can change the order in which candidates and documents are displayed by pulling
in the 3 lines to the right from the candidate/document.

Step 4. Click SEND E-MAIL when you are ready to send the candidate presentation
If you want to see the candidate presentation before sending it, click on EXPORT TO PDF.

Step 5. Enter information on the recipient and press SEND E-MAIL
You can also add more recipients by clicking on ADD.

Step 6. Your recipient has now received an email with your professional candidate presentation 😊