Search in talent pool

Step 1. Start by clicking into your talent pool

Step 2. Select where in the database you want to search: In basic info, documents, notes or interview

Step 3. Use different search functions
You can search for multiple words using our AND, OR, NOT and “keyword” functions.
Below we have explained how to use each function.

Search with two words at a time
If you have a search that contains two words, you can type AND between your keywords.
Then all candidates with the 2 keywords will appear:

Use either / or search
You can use OR between your keywords if you want to find the candidates that contain either one or both
keywords. Eg. you can search for all candidates who either live in London or New York:

Avoid specific words
If there are specific keywords that the candidates must NOT contain, use the search function NOT.
In practice, it can e.g. be that you search for candidates with a bachelor’s degree and want to avoid all
with a master’s degree because they simply will be over-qualified for the position:

Search with a single keyword
By putting “quotation marks” around your keyword, you will only search for that specific word.
For example, if you search “manager”, you only get candidates who contain this word, and all candidates
who contain parts of the word, such as managerial, will be sorted out.

All search options can be combined crosswise, ie. both AND, OR, NOT and “keywords” can
be used in the same search.