Add jobportals

In Recruitio, you can easily send your job ads to job portals. See here how to add a jobportal.

Step 1. Go to your Company page

Step 2. Click ADD SUPPLIER to add job portal

Step 3. Fill in the information
Company: Write the name of the jobportal
Subject for email: Write “Job ad from __________” (your company name)
E-mail address: Add the e-mail address of the jobportal, your job ads should be submitted to

It should look like this:

Your information is saved automatically.

Step 4. Go to your job advertisement
Once you are in your job ad, you can now submit your ad directly to the job portal.

Step 5. Mark the job portal and click SEND
Before the ad is sent, you can see a preview of your email.
When you are ready to send your job ad, press SEND.

Step 6. Your ad has now been sent for approval to the job portal
The job portal is now ‘approving’ your ad. Once approved, it will be published on their job portal.