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With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Recruitio is the perfect recruitment platform. The complex tools and functionalities, mixed with an intuitive and simplistic user experience, makes the platform ideal for startups with no HR experience and larger enterprises with a department of industry professionals/veterans.

Meet the team

Based out of Copenhagen with a diverse team and a global mindset, we are dedicated to ensuring that you not only get the best product but also the best recruitment result, with our in-house development and support teams, who strive to take care of our customer’s success and their needs.

This means that our methods are agile and global and we aim to support our customers in achieving great results within a few weeks. 

Say hi to our founder Stine Amina Toft and Chairperson Lars Kolind and learn more about Recruitios mission and why the company was started.  


Recruitio is committed to erasing all bias in any given recruitment process, not only to ensure fairness but also to increase diversity in offices all around the world. Diversity leads to higher revenues and innovations, and that’s some of the many reasons why we aim to support our customers in bringing the agenda of diversity to the next level. We expect you to have high expectations, and we strive for excellent results. Our focus on diversity has lead to the launch of OpenRecruit – our definition of the future of recruitment. We believe that a true evaluation of candidates is based solely on merits, which OpenRecruit ensures.


For any questions in regard to the platform and its functions, please visit our Help Center.

To contact our team, please reach out to support@recruitio.io
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