Frequently asked question (FAQ)

The Statistics Module provides valuable insights into your recruitment processes, helping you to make informed decisions about your recruitment strategy. Use it to track your recruitment funnel, see how long it takes to fill, hire, reject and make hires, and see how well each recruitment channel is performing.

In the Statistics Module, you can see recruitment channels and Hiring rate by application source, total candidates applied, hired and rejected, recruitment funnel, days spent in each status group, time to fill, time to hire, time to reject, and interviews per hire.

Recruitio is committed to securing your data with advanced security measures, including encryption and strict access controls. Your information is safe with us and only accessible by authorized personnel. We continuously monitor and backup data to ensure its protection and comply with industry standards.

You can easily customize your view of data in the Statistics Module by selecting specific time frames, jobs, locations, departments, and companies of interest. Additionally, you have the option to include data that may have expired or been deleted by checking a box. This allows you to have a clear and focused view of the data that is most relevant to you.

At the moment, we do not have a direct export feature within the Recruitio platform. However, we are working on offering an API in the near future that will allow you to request data with different options and utilize the data for further in-house analysis and implementation.

Recruitio uses data from your recruitment processes, including the status of candidates and the dates they were in each status, to calculate Time to fill, Time to hire, Time to reject, and Interviews per hire. These metrics are updated in real-time as your recruitment processes progress.