You're in good company.

Companies of all shapes and sizes are hiring with Recruitio all around the world. Here’s some of them.

“We have chosen Recruitio as our recruitment system for several reasons;

It gives us the opportunity to offer unbiased processes to companies, which helps remove biases and sharpens the focus on professional merits and matching competences.

The system, in the best possible way, supports our ambition to offer our candidates a good experience when they apply to a job through us.

It makes our processes more effective, with online references and screening options, which in turn means we can provide good candidates to companies faster.

We experience Recruitio as a forward thinking company that matches our ambition to rethink our processes, and move away from traditional and conservative methods in our industry.”

Tomas Ballisager

CEO Konsulenthuset Ballisager

“Recruitio has simplified and made the recruitment process more effective at It is a good tool to create an overview, share information and cooperate with other colleagues regarding recruitments. By using Recruitio, comes across as professional to our candidates both in terms of layout, design and GDPR.

Our managers appreciate the overview Recruitio provides, and the digitisation of manual processes makes it easy and effective to use the system.”

Anne Boje Hansen

HR Coordinator

“We opened a brand new restaurant and about a month before, we posted a job ad through Recruitio. Very quickly, we received a lot of applications, in fact so many, that we actually had to close the job post again. We got a lot of talented candidates and the feedback from them was, that it was a cool and fast user experience when applying.

We have now filled the restaurant and we don’t have a single position left, so Recruitio has really helped us. A very large percentage of those who apply have been a great match, and it has been easy to distribute the remaining candidates around our other restaurants through the system.

When we opened restaurants earlier it used to be much more challenging.”

Linnéa Louise Borbye

HR & Løn, Madklubben

“We have a better structure for the process of hiring, interviews and rejections. These are the basic elements we get the most value from. And our manual processes have been replaced by structure and automation. When the battle for talent is fierce, you must do your very best to treat your applicants well, both those you are offering jobs to, but also those you are currently refusing – you may need them in the future. With Recruitio, we are better equipped for this at IT-Brancen.”

Bjørn Borre

Director business and membership service

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