Smart search

In the top right corner of the platform, you will find Recruitio’s smart search. The smart search allows you to search and locate candidates through either their name or any word from their uploaded documents, as well as through your own and your colleagues’ notes attached to the candidate.

Smart Search is an advanced feature within Recruitio that enhances your candidate search process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Search Areas: Choose the specific areas within which you want Recruitio to conduct its search. These areas could include documents, basic information, interviews, or notes related to candidates.

  2. Enter Search Words: After selecting the search areas, input your search keywords into the provided text field.

  3. Receive Results: Once you’ve entered your search words and selected the areas to search within, simply await the results. Recruitio will fetch relevant candidates based on your criteria.

Using Multiple Search Words:

Recruitio’s Smart Search allows you to look for results that consist of multiple words. To do this, insert “AND” between your search words. For instance, searching for “marketing AND full time AND Copenhagen” will yield candidates with all three specified attributes.

Utilizing “OR” for Diverse Results:

You can also search for different results within the same search by using “OR”. For example, searching for “marketing AND part-time AND Copenhagen OR marketing AND full-time AND London” will provide candidates who either match the first set of criteria or the second.

Combining “AND” and “OR” for Complex Searches:

Recruitio’s Smart Search lets you combine “AND” and “OR” within the same search. This capability enables you to perform intricate and accurate searches.

Example:marketing AND full time AND Copenhagen OR marketing AND part time AND Copenhagen

In this search example, you’ll receive results for candidates who meet either of the specified combinations: marketing and full-time in Copenhagen, or marketing and part-time in Copenhagen.

With Smart Search, your candidate search becomes a dynamic and tailored process, ensuring you find the best-fit candidates efficiently and effectively.