Screening? ✔️ Interviews? ✔️ Case studies? ✔️ But what about reference checks?

Uncover the untapped potential of online reference checks to eliminate biases and ensure fairness in a time when applications and CVs are often written more frequently by AI than by actual candidates..

Research indicates that references rank among the top three most crucial parameters for evaluating candidates. References are frequently relegated to the “final step” of the process; nevertheless, they remain indispensable. Data reveals that 34% of candidates are disqualified following reference checks, indicating the value and effect of reference checks.

Typically conducted through phone calls, reference checks can inadvertently introduce unconscious bias and variations in assessments. To ensure an equitable reference evaluation, it’s recommended that recruiters embrace tools like online reference checks, guaranteeing fairness for all candidates involved.

Recognizing the true worth of references in the recruitment journey is paramount when harnessed effectively. We propose integrating online references as a central component of your process to ensure both fairness and comprehensiveness. By conducting thorough reference checks, you gain valuable insights, enabling well-informed decisions that result in the selection of the most fitting candidate.

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