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Introducing OpenRecruit – the future of recruiting. Say goodbye to traditional job ads, CVs, and applications, and say hello to an employer-branding-focused recruitment process, in which all candidates are invited to an open, digital job interview. OpenRecruit ensures an inclusive, completely unbiased evaluation, based solely on relevant job skills, culture, and values.

Build your own customized interview framework, specific for the position, that allows you to gain necessary and important information from the candidates and test them in their skills specifically needed for the position.

This allows the candidates to apply from anywhere and any device, without the need to upload all sorts of documents. The candidates apply anonymously, while you can sit back and let the AI-powered module rank and present the applicants for you, making it easy to identify and invite the best-fit candidates to a physical interview with just one click. Once the candidate has accepted the interview, the platform will reveal the personal information of the candidate, allowing you to select and meet your candidates completely free of bias.

OpenRecruit delivers a professional, user-friendly, and innovative experience to candidates, resulting in a faster time-to-hire and a stronger alignment with the role and the company culture.

Career page

It has never been easier to build and customize your own job ads! Recruitio empowers companies to create intuitive ads that truly stand out in the crowded job market.

Our ‘build-your-own’ ad tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it simple for companies to design professional and engaging job ads that grab the attention of the targeted top talent.

One of our exciting features is the ability to give job seekers a glimpse of what it’s like to work at your organization and make a positive first impression.

This can be done by presenting future colleagues and showcasing videos, icons and other multimedia elements, making your job ads come alive. To ensure you don’t lose any qualified candidates, the platform will provide all the necessary information to the candidates for a smooth and quick application process.

Job ad

It has never been easier to build and customize your own job ads! Recruitio empowers companies to create modern and intuitive job ads that truly stand out in a crowded job market.

One of our exciting features is the ability to present future colleagues, giving job seekers a glimpse of what it’s like to work at your organization and make a positive first impression.

Our platform also allows you to showcase videos, icons and other multimedia elements, making your job ads come alive. Additionally, it provides all the necessary information for candidates to ensure a smooth and quick application experience, so you don’t lose any qualified candidates.

You can easily share your ads on your favorite job portals, with one simple click!


Statistics module

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your recruitment process with our statistics module. This powerful tool provides valuable insights into key metrics such as applicant sources, recruitment funnel, time to hire, and much more. It enables you to understand where your candidates are coming from, gives you insight into the performance of each recruitment channel, and helps you monitor the progress of candidates through your recruitment funnel. Supervisors can also use this module to monitor the performance of their team members and make data-driven decisions to optimize the recruitment process.


Eliminate bias and optimize your candidate matches with TIO, our powerful AI-tool. TIO provides a second opinion on candidate matches based solely on the position’s requirements and the candidate’s skills. This removes unconscious bias from the recruitment process and ensures that you find the best possible candidates for the position. With TIO, you can be confident that you are making the right decision while also reducing the time and effort required to evaluate each candidate.


Stay on top of your recruitment efforts with our notification feature. Our platform notifies you whenever a candidate has been inactive for a chosen amount of time, ensuring that no candidates slip through the cracks.

You also receive notifications if a candidate is a part of multiple recruitment process, which helps you avoid duplicate efforts and increase efficiency.  

Recruitment management

360 talent assessment

Get a complete and holistic understanding of your candidates with our 360-degree talent assessment tool. This unique feature allows you to evaluate candidates from multiple perspectives and gain insight into their skills, experience, and potential fit for the role. By assessing candidates based on input from supervisors, peers, and subordinates, you can make informed hiring decisions and find the best talent for your organization and avoid unconscious bias in the recruitment team and company culture.

Talent pool


With the ability to store and organize candidate information in one central location, you can easily search, filter, and sort through your talent pool to find the perfect candidate. Whether you’re hiring for multiple positions or just looking to keep in touch with talented candidates, the talent pool feature makes it easy to manage and track your candidates, allowing you to maintain a talent-pipeline.

Candidate profile

The candidate profile overview includes detailed contact information, feedback from interview and cases, recruiter-notes, and test results all stored in one place, allowing you to easily evaluate a candidate’s qualifications and potential.

The feature also allows you to quickly reach out to candidates and move them through the recruitment process, directly from their profile.



Efficiently structure and manage your recruitments with the  location/department-based recruitment feature. This feature makes it easy for recruiters to quickly structure and manage all their recruitment efforts by organizing them by location.

With the ability to structure your recruitments, you can easily view and manage all recruitment activities in a specific area, providing a simplistic overview and allowing you to focus your efforts.


Stay on top of your recruitment efforts with our intuitive and comprehensive dashboard. The Dashboard offers a quick and easy-to-use interface which provides you with a clear and organized view of your recruitment process, the number of candidates that have applied, where they are in the process, and any other relevant information. That way you can easily keep track of your recruitment progress and make informed decisions, all just with a glance at the dashboard.

Custom recruitment process

Recruitio allows you to tailor your recruitment process with the ability to build your custom process from the ground up. This allows you to easily structure your recruitment process to match your company’s exact needs and workflow. This feature provides you with a live status of where the candidates are in the process, allowing you to keep track of the progress of each recruitment.

User levels

Easily manage and supervise your recruitment team with our different user levels. Our platform offers different user levels, each with tailored access and rights. It allows you to create a secure recruitment process for your organization. This way your recruitment process  will run smoothly and efficiently. 

At the top user levels, managers and headhunters can invite customers into the platform, giving them access to see the status of their recruitment process and also share the progress with their clients.


Automated emails

Streamline communication and improve the candidate experience with automated email flow. This feature makes it easy for recruiters to communicate with candidates in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that no candidate is left without an answer. The automated email flow allows you to send out interview invites and tests to all selected candidates simultaneously while synchronising with your calendar, making the recruitment process streamlined and efficient. This feature lets you keep track of all communication with candidates in one place, and you avoid a cluttered email inbox and missed or forgotten emails.

Tag your colleagues


Collaborate efficiently and streamline internal communication with the tagging feature. This feature allows you to easily tag your colleagues when adding notes to a candidate, keeping everyone informed and on the same page. Our tagging feature allows you to tag your colleagues in candidate notes, making it easy for them to see updates and provide feedback. This eliminates the need for manual follow-ups and ensures that everyone is informed about the progress of the recruitment process.

Automated sms reminders

This feature sends out automated text messages to remind candidates of upcoming interviews, meetings and other important events, ensuring your candidates  never miss an appointment. The automated SMS reminder feature takes into account that in today world not everyone checks their email constantly, and people tend to be more responsive to text messages, particularly when they are on the go.